Friday, October 20, 2017
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Very Important Information (Read before you download...)

      All downloads are downloadable for free and are provided *AS-IS AT YOUR OWN RISK*. By downloading the software/other downloads means you accept that Carroll Dearstone (hamradio) is not responsible for your (the user) use or misuse of any of our software/other downloads.

I would very much appreciate any donations if you enjoy the software, but it is not required.
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Find and Run Robot v2+ Plugins
Data Generator - More Info
Allows you to generate random while useful data.
KlipKeeper - More Info
Monitors the clipboard and keeps track of all text items copied to it. Activate the plugin to search past items and quickly recopy to clipboard.
hamNotes - More Info
Allows you to keep searchable text notes. Activate the plugin to add and search the text notes and quickly view them.
Software Downloads
Color Warlock - More Info
Allows you to use color charts in a Color Warlock format that can be loaded into the program and used to copy html hex color codes and other color types to use when coding.
Portable Extension Warlock - More Info
Build a launch file to launch files of certain types in certain applications skipping the system file associations with the launcher.
Weather Station Warlock - More Info
Retrieves the current weather conditions for about 2,500 locations across the United States and US Territories...
TaskShowHide - Filesize: 35.6KB - Download
Shows/Hides Taskbar upon running depending on if it is shown/hidden when launched.
Web Application(s)
Coin Jar Calculator - Visit Website
Gives out an estimation of the total worth of your coins in your coin jar based on your input.
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