hamNotes (A FARR2 plugin by hamradio)
v1.1.0.0 (April 23rd, 2012)
by Carroll Dearstone - [hamradio]
Copyright 2012 Carroll Dearstone

hamNotes Screenshot

  1. hamNotes allows you to keep searchable text notes. Activate the plugin to add and search the text notes and quickly view them.
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  1. carrolld.dcmembers.com - [592 KB]
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This plugin is free, but I would very much appreciate any donations; your donations will help me improve this plugin and create new plugins.
Configuring the Configuration
  1. Date Format - (For when displaying in farr other than the management/preferences window.)
  2. Data File Path - (The place your notes will be saved to.)
Well how do I use this Find and Run Robot v2+ plugin?
  1. Type hnote[space](where [space] means pressz spacebar) and then add your search term.
  2. Type hnote to see the commands and status of this plugin.
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  1. hamNotes Forum Topic